3/8″ Lever Chain Load Binder

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Chain binders are essential load securing equipment in the flatbed industry and can also be used in other applications such as rail cars or cargo holding in the marine industry. Also called snap binders, or chain boomers, lever tie down binders are used to tighten transport chain with a fast, simple lever action. This lever chain binder can be used with either 5/16″ Grade 70 or 3/8″ Grade 43 chain.

There are 2 main grades of chain for tie-down applications; Grade 43 High Test Chain and Grade 70 Transport Chain. The 2 measurements marked on the binder indicate which size chain to use and with which grade. Grade 43 chain is also known as log chain or logging chain. Grade 70 chain is stronger and more durable than standard log chain and is commonly used for logging applications. This 5/16-inch lever binder has a forged steel handle making it strong and durable so you can rest assured this lever binder will last you a long time.

*Do not exceed a work load limit of 9200 lbs.

  • Forged steel – quenched and tempered
  • Ball and socket swivel joints at hook assembly permit a straight line pull
  • Tough powder coated finish
  • Proof Tested
Weight6.5 kg