Amprobe AM-530 True-RMS Electrical Contractor Multimeter

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The Amprobe AM-530 autoranging digital multimeter is the multimeter of choice for professional electrical contractors. The AM-530 is a True-rms digital multimeter so it accurately measures voltage on systems affected by harmonics. With its full menu of digital multimeter features, you can use it to: measure and verify the presence of voltage before connecting new equipment or performing repairs; run new wiring; check continuity of electrical connections; identify blown fuses; troubleshoot motors or check transformers. The CAT III 600 V safety rating provides an extra measure of safety for high voltage multimeter applications. Its built-in flashlight helps you see wire colors in the dark and “third hand” probe holder gives you an extra hand when you need it.

  • True-rms technology improves accuracy in electrically noisy environments
  • Measures AC/DC voltage up to 600 V, AC/DC current, resistance, frequency, capacitance, and temperature
  • Non-contact voltage detection enhances safety
  • Audible continuity quickly identifies shorts and opens
  • Diode test to verify diode polarity
  • Data hold freezes the reading on the display for further analysis
  • MIN/MAX recording records min/max measurements over time to show voltage fluctuations
  • Relative zero mode displays the difference between the actual reading and a stored reference value and may be used with any function or range
  • Combines user friendly features such as, auto power-off to conserve battery life, low battery warning, a “third hand” test probe holder, built-in test leads storage, a built-in flashlight, and a Velcro strap to hang the meter
  • Auto and manual-ranging delivers maximum flexibility
  • Backlit LCD display with analog bar graph makes it easy to view results
  • CAT III 600 V safety rated
AM-530 MultimeterElectrical
FunctionSafety RatingSafetyCAT III 600V
Measure voltage in noisy environmentsTrue rms
Electrical panels, AC outletsAC Voltage (V)600
DC systems, auto/marine batteriesDC Voltage (V)600
AC Current – electrical panels, appliancesAC Current (A)10
DC Current-electronics, DC motorsDC Current (A)10
Specified resistance and continuityResistance (MOhms)40
Flame sensorsMicroamps
Diodes in AC to DC convertersDiode Test
Fuses, lightbulbs, wire connectionsContinuity
Household batteriesBattery test
Motor startup or run capacitorsCapacitance
Frequency verificationFrequency
Non-contact voltage testNon-contact voltage
Electrical load-time on vs time offDuty cycle
Temp of air vents, fuses, transformersTemperature inputs1
FeaturesAutomatically selects measurement rangeAutoranging
Manually select measurement rangeManual ranging
Voltage on variable frequency drivesLow pass filter
Detect stray voltagesLow Z
Dimly lit areasBuilt-in flashlight
DisplayMeter resolutionLCD Counts4,000
Dimly lit areasBacklight
Monitoring fast changing signalsBar graph
Two relative measurements on one screenDual display
EventData memoryData hold
Difference between two measurementsRelative reading
Max/min peak measurementMax/min hold
Specialized signal measurementsPeak hold (crest)
Weight1 kg