Camel DHG Solenoid Directional Control Valve



ModelMax. Flow
Max. Operating
Max. Pilot
Min. Pilot
Max. T-Line Back Pressure
Max. Change Over Frequency
Ext. DrainInt. DrainACDCR
DHG-04-C ※-※30031525082101401201201208.8
DHG-06-C ※-※500315250821014012012012012.7
DHG-10-C ※-※1100315250821014012012012045.3

Installation Dimension:

ModelSoc Hol Cap Screw
DHG-04M6 x 40L….2pcs
M10 x 40L….4pcs
DHG-06M12 x 45L….6pcs
DHG-10M20 x 75 L ….6pcs
 Mounting Surface: ISO 4401-AD-07-4A, 11 Dia. Thru, 17.5 Dia. Spotface, 4 Places, TANK T Port, Pressure P Port, Pilot Pressure Port X (For Extemal Pilot Modeis Only), Cylinder A Port, Pilot Drain Port Y ( For Extemal Drain Models Only), Cylinder B Port, 7 Dia. Thru, 11 Dia. Spotface, 2 Places
11 Dia. Thru, 17.5 Dia. Spotface, 4 Places, T Port, p Port, Pilot Pressure Port X (For External Pilot Models Only), A port, Pilot Drain Port Y (For External Drain Models Only), B port, 7 Dia. Thru, 11 Dia. Spotface, 2 Plaxes
Cylinder Port B, 13.5 Dia Thru, 20 Dia Spdtface, 6 Places, Cylinder Port A, Pressure Port P, Tank Port T, Mounting Surface
DHG-06ABK - Cylinder port B, 13.5 Dia thru, 20 Dia spotface, 6 places, Pilot drain port Y, Pressure Port P, Cylinder port A, Pilot Pressure port X, Tank port T, Mounting Surface
DHG-10 - Tank Port T, 4-21.5 Dia. Thru, 4-32 Dia. spotface, Pilot pressure port X, Cylinder port A, Cylinder port B, Pressure port P, Pilot Drain Port Y
DHGM-06 - 6-M12 thd.24 Deep
DHGM-10 - 6-M20 Thd.34 Deep

How to Order:

With knob, Without knob, Standard type, With stroke adjustment both ends, With stroke adjustment port A end, With stroke adjustment port B end, Wiring, With ISO connecting Box, With Din Type With indicating Light, Coil voltage, External Drain, Internal drain type, Ecternal pilot, Internal drain type, External pilot, Internalpilot type, Spool type, 1/2