Clesse APS 2000 First Stage Regulator


Clesse first stage regulator helps to reduces the pressure from high pressure down to an intermediate pressure. The range of capacity consumption caters for domestic, commercial, agricultural, and industrial application.

These regulators can also be used in Natural Gas, Air, Nitrogen and other non-aggressive gases installations. It has robust design, as the female connections are provided with a strong spanner profile, complies with EN16129.

The vent position allows drainage of possible humidity condensation above the membrane.

APS 2000 Ideal for heavy duty due to its robust construction. It has excellent weather protection and is compliant to European Standard EN16129.


  • Capacity: 50KG/hr or 11,700,000 BTU/hr
  • Inlet Pressure: 17 bar
  • Outlet Pressure: 0.2 – 2 bar
  • Inlet Connection: 1″ NPT
  • Outlet Connection: 1″ NPT
Weight1 kg