Festo Solenoid Valve

Festo Namur Std Solenoid Valve
Model: VSNB
Function: 5/2- and 3/2- Way
Materials: Aluminium
Voltage: 24V DC / 230V AC


The standard valve product group has a new addition: the VSNB.
This new valve with a Namur interface in compliance with VDI/
VDE 3845 is purely a valve – 
i.e. the solenoid coil is only supplied
if it is actually required.
This valve is therefore ideal when you need reduced costs but full
functionality. Including ATEX approval. New: the double solenoid
5/2-way valve.


Expandable …
… since the pilot control
(intermediate solenoid plate and
coil) can be delivered separately
or both components together as
an integrated unit. Connection is
simple, no matter what supplier
is used, thanks to the CNOMO
interface for screwing on the pilot
control. For best results, everything from a single source – from


Versatile …
… since it is only a small step
from the single solenoid 3/2-way
valve to the 5/2-way valve: using
two intermediate plates which
serve as a seal. Or as a double
solenoid 5/2-way valve.


Reduces costs …
… since the unit is purely a
valve – but with the appropriate
interfaces for mounting the pilot