Pump End Material Configuration: SSCMA / NH
Seal: Mechanical / Gland Packing
Size: 2″ – 6″

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OB-HSC Range Heavy duty solid handling pump designed  for long life, economical operation and easy maintenance.


Design Features It is a split casing design with replaceable liner located by its flange in positive accurate position.

Casing is bolted together, housing the liner, with gaskets in between, so that the pump medium is sealed within liner.


Closed impellers are designed to achieve high efficiency. The Profile of the impeller varies with wide water passage ensuring smooth transferring of large suspending solids without clogging the pump.


Rotary elements are supported by 4 heavy duty life-lubricated bearings designed to withstand both the radial and axial loads. Routine lubrication is no longer required.


Pump shaft designed to minimize overhang and available in SS304 or High Tensile Steel (HTS) material.


Standard mechanical seal material is Silicon Carbide vs Silicon Carbide with Viton Elastomer (Sic vs Sic/Viton) Has an excellent abrasive resistance and good performance in slurries application due to the high hardness. Higher wear resistance material of Tungsten Carbide vs Tungsten Carbide with Viton also available as optional.


Configuration options wetted parts of pump are available in Ni-Hard and stainless steel to cater for different pump mediums which can be corrosive, abrasive or a combination of both. Non-wetted part re cast in close-grain grey iron.