MTP Ulysses OMH Pump

MTP – Ulysses OMH Pump
Pump End Material Configuration: Cast Iron / SS 304 / SS316 / Ni-Resist / Bronze
Seal: Mechanical / Gland Packing
Size: DN 50 / DN 75 / DN 100 / DN 150

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Ulysses heavy duty self-primer are built to suit your needs, to pump clean or dirty water, aline water, acidic and caustic fluids, as well as diesel and light oils.

Choise of materials is available in Cast Iron, Ni-Resist, Stainless Steel, Bronze and Zinc Free Bronze. Seal faces & elastomers can be selected on mechanical seals or packing type with packed glands. Mechanical seals are available in carbon vs. ceramic and silicon vs. silicon faces, and they are all in metric sizes.

Ulysses heavy duty self-primer has large bearings, shaft and large mechanical seal to suit different kinds of industrial applications. The carefully designed of the bearing housing and shaft, coupled with heavy duty bearing make the pump run more stable and minimize the deflection on the shaft, this will prolong mechanical seal life span. Bearings are life lubricated and heavy duty enough for direct couple or vee pulley belt driven.

The thick section pump end components are designed for abrasion and corrosion resistance. Suction and discharge flange are in ISO dimensions. Ulysses heavy duty self primer is designed with an open impeller to handle sludge, solids and stringy material.



You only need to fill the pump casing, start with driver and the pump will do the rest. Your Ulysses Heavy duty self primer draws the water up the suction line & starts pumping. You don’t really need a footvalve and you avoid the complication of vacuum pumps. The Ulysses self-primer is ideal for automatic control.


Ulysses self-primer can be used for all sorts of jobs, even fluid containing some rags. However, large stringy material may choke the pump, but your Ulysses heavy dury self-primer feture a large cleaning cover for easy & rapid removal of clossing.


With a spacer coupling, you can remove all rotating & sealing pumps parts, without moving piping or pump mounting feet, through the back pull out feature. No realigning needed on re-assembly.


Ulysses heavy duty self-primer have thick castings, large shaft & bearings, & are accurately machined (no rubbing where it shouldb’t be). Casing mounted feet give maximum stiffness to carry the weight of any unsupported pipes or hoses.


Your Ulysses heavy duty self-primer will be long coupled & have its own shaft & bearings, leakage from the water seal is completely isolated from the driver. This may not be the case with other pump where the impeller is mounted on the driver shaft.