MTP Ulysses Pump

MTP – Ulysses Pump
Pump End Material Configuration: Cast Iron
Size: 1-1/4″ – 10″

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The single stage, end suction, foot mounted pump casings are vertically split for easy maintenance enabling the removal of the rotating assembly without having to disconnect the suction and delivery pipework. Vertical centreline discharge leads to self-venting, and lightens the pipework loading on the discharge. A drain plug is fitted at the lowest point of the casing for complete emptying of liquid contents. Suction guide vane is provided to suppress vortex formation and pre-rotation in the suction pipe. All casings are tested for pressure tightness.



Single entry, closed impellers have front and rear seals to minimize leakage and have balancing holes to return the leakage to suction and to reduce the pressure acting on the stuffing box. All impellers are made in one piece, machined all over and statically balanced.


Shaft Sleeve

Hook type sleeve, which is machined all over, protects the shaft while allowing its own expansion along the shaft.


Stuffing Box

It is fitted with removable bush, lantern ring and square plaited packing. Cooling fluid is supplied from high pressure region of casing through internal drilling. Sufficient room is provided for the easy repacking of stuffing box. A tapped drain is provided for drippage. High quality mechanical seal can be fitted as option.



Sealed deep groove ball bearings lubricated for life are used. Periodical greasing is unnecessary, thus eliminating problems like selecting the right grease, over-greasing or lack of lubrication. Maintenance is made easy.


Other design features

It is ensured that the studs are not in contact with the pumped liquid by providing sufficient metal thickness, such that the metal left below the bottom of the stud holes is always more than the nominal casing thickness. All running clearance in pump are controlled for high efficiency yet sufficient to avoid rubbing contact under normal operation. Replaceable seal rings at casing and back cover are provided for larger pumps to cut down maintenance cost. With many interchangeability of components, identical parts can be used with various sizes of pumps thus reducing the inventory of spares. The design of this pump series encompasses the standards of ISO 2858, ISO 2084 NP16 / BS 4504 Class 16, DIN 24255and BS 3979.