Sika Industrial Thermometer (Angle 90° Type), 6″, 63mm Stem Length

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Long service and measurement accuracy without wear for industrial applications such as machine and plant engineering as well as marine components and utilities in marine engineering.


Technical features

Thermometer typeAngle 90°
Display ranges-30…50 °C
0…160 °C
0…300 °C
Immersion tube length63 mm
Male threadG½ A/ SW27
M20 x 1,5 / SW27
Immersion tube materialBrass


Nominal size 150 mm, aluminum, V-shaped, completely polished, gold-coloured anodized (or silver-coloured upon request). Numerals of reading scale printed on the right side. Printing black-colored for easy readability. Straight types adjustable to any desired viewing position and locked by brass nut, wrench size 22. Angle thermometers (90 degrees) have a grooved adapter piece with locking screw. Advantage: When mounting the thermometer, it is not necessary to turn the casing.

Glass inserts (Capillaries)
Capillary tube of solid glass, bar-shaped, prismatic (optic enlargement of the column, except for high temperature types) or round, diameter approx. 8 mm, oval opening, with yellow background for mercury and white background for blue fluid column. Scale is deeply burnt in black, thus being absolutely resistant. The main graduations, which correspond with the printing on the casing, are especially clearly outlined.

Thermometric liquid
In the standard version from -30 to 250 °C blue thermometric fluid (“Fü”); for display ranges starting at 0…300 °C only mercuryfilling is technically possible.

Immersion tube
Standard version made from brass for temperatures up to 300 °C, from steel for higher max. temperature. On request, highstrength brass or CuNiFe alloy suitable for sea water. Stainless steel for aggressive media. The diameter of the type “B” immersion tube is 10 mm; the wall thickness 1 mm.

Scale intervals and error limits
SIKA thermometers fulfil the requirements of DIN 16195 „Requirements and testing of industrial glass thermometers“. Scale intervals and error limits are defined in relation to the casing size and the display range.


* Legal advice

According to regulation no. 847/2012 of European Union, thermometers with mercury filling are only bound for export outside the EU. Placing them on the market inside the EU after April 10th, 2014 is prohibited. Concerned are industrial thermometers and glass inserts with display ranges 0…300°C and higher, only. In this case, we are recommending the use of our dial or digital thermometers.


-30…50 °C, 0…100 °C, 0…120 °C, 0…160 °C, 0…200 °C, 0…300 °C, 0…400 °C