WD-40 Fast Acting Degreaser

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WD-40 Specialist Fast Acting Citrus Degreaser is a citrus-based cleaner, a powerful solution with a release agent that prevents unwanted residue. Simply spray on the clear formula before wiping or rinsing away for a clean finish. For very greasy areas, leave for a few seconds to penetrate through the dirt before wiping clean.

This citrus degreaser works on most surfaces including metal, exhaust hoods, flooring, glass, plastics, rubber and aluminium.

It’s ideal for cleaning anything from alloy wheels and tyre rims to degreasing engine components, as well as reducing wear and tear, keeping them in good condition longer.


  • Degreasing hand and power tools
  • Degreasing engines
  • Degreasing chains and gear mechanisms
  • Degreasing tyre rims and alloy wheels
  • Cleaning printing presses
  • Cleaning exhaust pipe
  • Removing grease from flooring
  • Decreasing lifts and hoists
  • Designed for trade professionals
  • Giving professional performance to get specific jobs done right
  • A new line of best-in-class specialty maintenance products
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